Paper for your business
on the market since 1992

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Paper for your business
on the market since 1992


Aska Paber OÜ
Tallinn office:
Kalda 7C, 11625 Tallinn, Harjumaa
Open: 8:30 - 17:00
Tel.: +372 505 7748
Phone: +372 650 6473

Tartu office:
Tel.: +372 523 5936


About us

Aska Paber OÜ was founded in 1992, thus we have been selling paper in Estonia for over 27 years. During these years we have maintained as well as increased our clientele both in Estonia and abroad.

Our good and long-term resellers in all larger towns in Estonia have made it possible for us to sell paper on our domestic market.
However, in order to be an even more reliable partner on the domestic market, our short-term goal is to find more clients abroad, primarily in Scandinavian countries.

In addition to selling, we also offer the cutting of paper and cardboard. At your disposal we have:
  • two sheeters
  • two paper guillotines, width 920 and 1350 mm;
  • one rewinders producing reels (coreless or with core Ø 50 and 76 mm) of 40-1600 mm in width and a maximum Ø 650 mm.
  • one flexo printing/cutting/pe-lining machine, max. working width 1000 mm. max. 2-color.
We hope for good cooperation possibilities with our existing partners and gladly welcome new partners to contact us.

We are not big, so we work faster and try harder.