Paper for your business
on the market since 1992

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Paper for your business
on the market since 1992


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Paper for sewing industry

Paper for sewing industry

We offer paper which is suitable:
to sewing companies for modelling,
for the packaging of textile products, for sewing cutting boards,
temperature resistant (220 C°) paper for pressing and for more different punched products

Tissue paper, 22 g/m²
-Thin, high-quality and eco-friendly packing paper. Super soft to the touch. Perfect flat or crumpled. -Single colour print -Single colour print in PANTONE palette. This water-based & acid free ink won't rub off. -Customised tissue paper is a great way to add a little bit of class and elegance to your product packaging. With a wide range of printed designs and your own printed patterns, you will create packaging that compliments the look and feel of your brand. Printed packing paper also covers your product and adds a little extra -Secure your products in an elegant way. Printed tissue paper for wrapping your products makes a great first impression on your customer. It’s a super-light detail but has a big effect in the way your customer unboxes their product. Custom printed tissue paper gives your brand extra security and a classy, elegant feel without hurting your back pocket. Custom printed tissue paper is a great way to stop the contents of your packaging from moving around in transit. Bleached machine glazed tissue paper. In sheets 1000 x 700 mm and 500 x 700 mm. or in small rolls width 330-1000 mm. Paper is very good for the packaging of textile products

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